Why your sexual wellness is so important!

We are all for looking after ourselves and trying out all the latest wellness methods to keep up with ourselves, but most of us are missing one of the biggest ones, sexual wellness. Yes I said it, sexual wellness is sadly still a little bit of a taboo subject still and many people will be looking down when the word is mentioned. We all know about the ways guys pleasure themselves but guess what? Girls can do that too!

Keeping your wellbeing top notch is key, expecially in times like we are living today and well sexual wellness is one of the main things that has risen a lot in the last year due to the pandemic. Sexual wellness is something that everyone woman should do, if that's too themselves or from there partner. It's one of the best ways to boost your mood and we can all do with that at the moment I'm sure!

So what do you benefit from this?

  • Helps Keep Your Immune System Humming. “Sexually active people take fewer sick days,”

  • Boosts Your Libido.

  • Improves Women's Bladder Control.

  • Lowers Your Blood Pressure.

  • Counts as Exercise

  • Lowers Heart Attack Risk.

  • Lessens Pain.

  • May Make Prostate Cancer Less Likely

  • Helps you sleep

  • improves your mood

So what are you waiting for?