Valentines day kit for all you single girls this year!

A note to all the single gals...

Valentines day is approaching and whilst it may be the most exciting holiday for many its also the least exciting for many as well! Even though your single it doesn't mean you need to hate valentines day though, you can still make the most out of it! Whilst the day might be about spending it with a partner and eating strawberries dipped in chocolate all night it can also be spent in many more exciting ways even its its just a day for one!

So what's more important than being with someone who loves you? Loving yourself first! It might sound cheesy but trust me when you figure out how to really love yourself then you're ready for that special someone even more!

So here's our routine for all you single girls this valentines day!

Wake up!

Start the morning off with your favourites breakfast! If that's waffles or pancakes, fruit or even a yummy smoothie! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it starts you off for the day right! So the day is for you, spoil yourself with however you like to have your breakfast!


Nothing feels better than starting your day off with a hot or cold shower (whichever makes you feel best!) and following it up with your favourite skincare routine! Many of us have our day to day skincare routines and then on a particular day we have our 16 step skincare routine (if you know, you know) Well this is the day to do your full extended skincare routine! Nothing says love yourself more than giving your skin the most love it needs!

Dress up!

We might not be going far this valentines day but doesn't mean you can't put on your favourite dress for the day ahead and you favourite jewellery to dress up and feel your best self! Even if you are still wearing slipper socks with it!

Also why not put on some cute lingerie! who says you can't buy that to looks cute in for just you?


We all love makeup and it means many different things to each of us, but we request that you use your makeup wisely this valentines day!

You make be asking what we mean by this? So what we request you do as this day is about loving yourself is to enhance your beauty and not cover it up!

Example: if you have freckles that your self conscious on then

1. You should 100% not be, as freckles are gorgeous! So don't cover them up or even speckle some more on your face with a light brown eyeshadow eye eyebrow pen! Let those freckles shine! We are all made up of different unique features and we want you guys to embrace them and really love how you looks!

Play with your makeup and see what works the best with your skin without covering it up but enhancing your skin!

We recommend @glossier as they provide the best products that don't cover up but enhance your natural beauty!

Do your favourite things that make you feel your best!

We are all different so this will be different for everyone but you want to do things that make you feel happy. That could be sitting in bed and watching the kardashian all day, going for a walk and listening to your favourite podcast, baking up some goods! Whatever your heart desires it's your day so fill it with doing all the things that you love doing the most and making YOU feel good!

Virtual cocktail date!

Arrange a cocktail night with all your girls on zoom and try making fun cocktails together or mocktails whichever you prefer!

The aim in this is that

1. You're doing something fun and creative

2. you're spending time with your friends even if that is through zoom!

Also putting on something cute for the occasion that night will make it even more fun!

Winding down for the night!

We recommend at the end of the day you order your favourite take out food if that's either pizza, burgers, or even Taco Bell and watch your favourite film! ( maybe stay away from the notebook) we don't want to get sad but then again... the notebook is a classic!

and finally treat yourself ;)

Have a good one girls the day is yours!