The best everyday jewellery brands to buy from today!

For the days we are living in today there isn't much point in dressing up, but even by adding your favourite pieces of jewellery to you look (even if that is sweats) then it can instantly pull your look together and instantly boost your mood! So here's out top favourite jewellery brands currently that are great for doing that and also at a good price!

Heres our top pieces that we love!

Kate Gory

Kate Gory is a a brand that we swear by, We often wear Kate gory everyday and there brand is so easy to wear for everyday essential jewellery pieces. They are also super affordable for many to buy! So what more could you want!


Boho moon is a brand that is well known across instagram as it's advertised very regular on there. They are well known for there very affordable bohemian styled jewellery that is always packaged in a very well known boho moon pink package! We personally love there rings and earrings and are always wearing them!

D&J Jewellery

D&J Jewellery is a UK based small jewellery and ear piercing brand that has a lovely selection of everyday jewellery and also pieces that are more out there for those crazier days like there gorgeous rainbow collection! We are personally a big fan of the evil eye earrings and bracelets!

Hope you enjoyed!