Our top mental health instagram accounts to follow during lock down!

We spend a solid 3 hours on our phones every day. With yet another lockdown, this figure is pretty much the minimum. If we’re being totally honest with you, being on your phone too much is detrimental for your health. It can cause headaches, shortness of temper, sleep disorders and depression (among other things) but does that stop us going on our phones all the time? Apparently not.

I can't force you to stop using your phone as much, but I can try and influence the content you consume. Filling your social media feeds with positive, motivational content rather than things that lead to jealousy or negative emotions can really help boost your wellness and mental health!

With all this in mind, we’ve collated a list of 5 mental health accounts you should be following for a clear, positive mind. Whether it's mental health, body confidence or motivation you struggle with, there’s an account in here for you.

  1. @Selfcareisapriority

The name says it all. Self-care is truly a priority, especially right now. If you're one of those people who really needs that daily motivational quote than this is the account for you. Their daily reminders to stop, breathe and take a break can help you remember to focus on your wellness and take a moment away from the business of life.


Not only is @poosh run by Kourtney Kardashian which is exciting enough as it is, it gives tips on everything from sex to food. As Poosh says, this account is a guide for living your best life. Poosh has pretty much every answer to every question regarding, fitness, relationships, vitamins and so much more. And the best part, the entire account is based on ensuring your wellness is the best it could possibly be.

  1. @theeverygirl

Struggling to find motivation but know you’re career driven and hardworking? This account gives people daily goals that are actually realistic as well as planners to help you organise your day. They also include plenty of meal, fashion and homeware inspiration, making your work from home experience the best it could be and helping you to stay motivated in one of the most demotivating times.


@howmental has a specific focus on mental health and how to deal with different mental health issues. Whether you're male or female, struggling yourself or watching someone else struggle, this page is full of guidance and resources for your mental health.


Hear me is a page that is there to help people who feel they have no one to speak to, if that's from about relationship problems, family issues to anything else you feel you need to talk to someone about. Its an amazing platform that has there own app that allows you too talk to well trained people who are there to help you. There instagram is full of aspiring quotes and much more to brighten up your day when you need it most!

By Jade Skinner