Horoscope Hair: Which style is made for you?

Hello all Urban Cowgirls!! I’m back this week to show you what hairstyles would match your zodiac sign. While this is light-hearted and random, I was inspired by my friends’ hairstyles and there zodiac signs. Everyone is unique in there own style, each hair style does vary due to our horoscope signs that define us.

So which horoscope hair style is yours going to be?

Aquarius: Back in one clip

Pisces: Crimped

Aries: High pony tail

Gemini: Straight hair

Cancer: However they woke up that morning!

Leo: Messy up do pony tail

Virgo: Clips in hair

Libra: A fun colour at the ends of hair

Scorpio: Braided pigtails

Sagittarius: Loose curls

Capricorn: Straight hair with one clip in the back

XXO, Jolie Zindman