Beat the January blues with these top 10 wellness products

When January comes around every year it can be a bit of a bummer and if anything, 2021's January might be one of the worst yet. On top of those cold days, dark mornings and what feels like a year in a month, we’re in yet another national lockdown, making getting up every day harder and harder.

But there are plenty of products to try and help make your day just a little brighter and have some of our top ones that make us feel just a little more well and calm.

1. Aroma Home diffuser

I have been on the hunt for a cheap (but good) diffuser for the longest time and I have finally found one that is cute and relaxing at the same time. Also available to buy from Oliver Bonas and Asos, this diffuser is only £39.95.

The Aroma Home Time Out diffuser has a pink marble exterior with a warm white light that changes colour. The diffuser can act as a humidifier to cleanse the air and maintain healthy levels whilst also creating a calming ambience to balance your wellbeing. Another added bonus of a diffuser, especially in a time like right now, they help to reduce airborne contaminants so with Covid lingering about, a diffuser is a great addition to your home.

2. Bath bombs or bubble bath

A bath can be a wonderful end to your stressful day and popping in a bath bomb or bubble bath can really help relax the muscles and the body. One of our favourites is the Sleepy bubble Bar by Lush UK.

Crumble under warm running water in the bath to get huge bubbles and light pink coloured bath. The lavender, tonka and ylang ylang combined together help give a serene night’s sleep and relax the body before going to bed. So, when you’re feeling tense or anxious and just need a good night’s sleep, this bubble bar could be the answer for you.

3. Egyptian cotton towel dressing gown

One of my favourite new finds for when I’m feeling a bit down is a dressing gown that is also a towel. If you’re anything like us we love to lay about in our towels after getting out the shower so what better product to have than a dressing gown you can wrap yourself up in whilst also drying your body.

And even better, you can get yourself one with a hood to help dry your hair too and stop it getting your pillow absolutely soaked. You can get these pretty much anywhere, but we love The Towel Shop’s one for just £18.

4. Wellness book

Self-help books are becoming a pretty big trend and when you are feeling lonely or stuck, especially with lockdown measures constantly changing, a self-help book can be your friend that’s always there when you need it.

One of our personal favourites is Good Vibes Good Life by Vex King, available on Amazon for just £8.79. This easy-to-read book can teach you how to practice self-care whilst also overcoming toxic energy. It's time to prioritise your wellbeing and this book will really help you cultivate positive lifestyle habits, setting you up for a better wellbeing overall.

5. Time marked water bottles

We should be drinking at least 2 litres of water a day – minimum! For so long I found this so difficult to achieve in my day but ever since getting a time marked water bottle from Hydratem8 I have always ensured I've drunk enough water every day and can track it with my water bottle.

Drinking enough water everyday can have so many benefits. Your skin, nails and hair will improve, and you will maintain energy levels and boost brain function.

6. Bluetooth eye mask

This one is a bit of a funky one and only really suitable for those who like white noise or listening to a meditation to fall asleep.

This Bluetooth eye mask from Amazon for £21.59 gives a black out effect and has small speakers so you get a surround sound experience with no light coming through. The Bluetooth feature enables you to listen to something and fall asleep without having to worry about turning your phone off or put it down.

7. Wake up light alarm clock

Find it hard to wake up in the morning? This wake-up light alarm clock from Amazon has a light on it that can gradually increase in the morning to imitate a sunrise.

We are biologically wired to wake up as the sun rises. This clock helps recreate this sunrise in the morning to give you a more gradual and less immediate and startling wakeup call, leaving you far more refreshed in the morning, setting you up to have a great day.

8. Collagen face masks

The loss of collagen in our skin is directly related to the aging of it and no one wants aging skin. This Super Collagen Mask by Mario Badescu is literally super-food for your skin.

The mask helps firm and tone the skin whilst also moisturising it, glow boosting a dull complexion and nourishing the skin as a whole.

9. Green tea

Drinking a green tea once a day can really help cleanse and detox your body. It can really help with digestive issues and sickness due to the antioxidants in it.

You can actually get any green tea you like for this detox to boost your wellness. If you worry about the taste, Twinings do different flavoured green teas for those who prefer something sweeter.

10. Meditation apps

We left this one until last because we understand mindfulness apps don’t work for everyone. However, mindfulness has been proven beneficial to help us enjoy life more and

understand ourselves better. The app Headspace has a huge selection of different meditations to follow every day for different emotions or feelings.

Being more present and paying more attention to your thoughts and emotions and to the world around you can really improve your mental wellbeing so if you haven’t given it a go yet, it's not too late to make a new year’s resolution and start now. Try meditating for 10 minutes every day for a month and see how you feel at the end!

By Jade Skinner