The Perfect Wellness Day To Prevent Depression.

As we are in our 2nd lockdown in a gloomy winter, it is so important to be looking after ourselves more than ever recently. It's already so important to be looking after ourselves anyway and you should for sure be setting time aside for yourself frequently!

You have to remember that the times we are living in at the moment are not normal and we are going to struggle to stay sane and adjust to this new way of living. If you have to give yourself that extra self care and me time, then that's okay.

I will be talking you through the perfect routine that I will go through on those days where I'm not feeling my best and don't want to fall into a funk.

1. Wake up!

If you feel like working out then this is always a great option as it will most your endomorphies and make you feel better!

If not then....

Jump out of bed (or slump out of bed haha) and get yourself straight into the shower! This will instantly wake you up and set you up for your day right away! You are starting already with self care and your body will thank you later! Finnish off your shower by blasting on the cold for 1 minute to wake you up and get your blood flowing! Trust me it will make you feel great!

2. Skincare!

Now it's time for a little at home facial! This is for sure my favourite part. I highly recommend this routine!

- Vitamin E face mask (Wear for 15mins)

- Roll your face with a rose quartz face roller out the freezer.

- Then replace the face mask with gold collagen under eye masks and roll out under eyes.

- Then apply Hyaluronic acid into your skin, a true game changer!

- Then apply your moisturiser!

Check out the best at home face tools here!


Time to pick out your most confident feeling outfit!

- When it comes to feeling great your clothes have a big role! Finding a chill outfit with maybe your favourite cute top to wear or even a more outgoing outfit that lifts your confidence will work perfectly as well! As long as its your best feeling outfit! For the perfect jumper to wear that will keep you feeling cozy but chic has got to be the new Lou Luna Lion jumper

4. Makeup!

Everyone seems to have a go to makeup routine that they do and they feel they can take on the world! If you haven't found that yet, don't worry you will! This makeup look is going to be your go to look for the days where your not feeling your best. Trust me, you may not feel like applying a full face of makeup or a more extended makeup routine to your usual chill look, but this will instantly boost your confidence!

5. Put some music

Put on some of your favourite music that makes you feel happy and have a dance! Music is such a mood booster and speaking of mood booster, Lauren elizabeths podcast Mood booster is a go to listen!

6. Eat well!

Finding the balance of eating well and clean but treating yourself to a little chocolate when you feel you may need it is the best way to eat. I highly recommend to try to eat as plant based as possible and cut dairy out as it can often make you feel low in energy.

I hope these tips help!